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Dr. Peter J. Hughes


Welcome to Haworth School!

We are a small community with a big mission - we prepare our students to be the leaders, innovators, and designers of tomorrow through a rigorous and innovative curriculum.  Together with our expert educators and support of our Northern Valley partners, we are known as a "small but mighty" district as we send our students to some of the highest ranking high schools in New Jersey.  

Beyond our academics, our job is to ensure our students get the best educational opportunities in a caring and engaging learning environment. We want our students to not only be successful in their years here, but we want them to be successful throughout life. As such, we focus on the academic, social, and emotional skills that lead to an academically enriched life while also valuing character and service to the community. In this way, we help our students define for themselves the meaning of happiness and success.

In Haworth, we pride ourselves on achieving excellence. We believe that excellence is measured through the accomplishments of our students. These accomplishments are seen in the classroom, on the athletic fields, through their artwork, and through community service enriching the lives of others. We have high expectations for all of our students, and look forward to pushing the boundaries of what they can achieve both in service to themselves as well as in service to the greater world. 

Haworth School is a truly special place filled with dedicated teachers, supportive families, and a culture of achievement. We look forward to working with you to continue this great tradition of strong educational values and shaping the lives of our young people.  


Dr. Peter J. Hughes

Superintendent of Schools