Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts, Creative Writing FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY Master of Arts in Teaching English MONTCLAIR STATE UNIVERSITY Certifications: K-12 Teacher of English

Mrs. Alicia Kosakowski



Mrs. Kosakowski’s Classroom Guidelines


Five Guidelines for Success:

  1. Respect—Treat others the way you want to be treated
    1. Respect for personal differences
    2. Respect for property
  2. Responsibility—you are responsible for your own behavior
    1. Recognize personal space
    2. Use words wisely
    3. I over E especially in C
  3. Participation—come prepared to learn and share your ideas
    1. Bring all materials necessary to aid in learning
  4. Awareness—listen to others and follow directions
  5. Follow all school rules and regulation


Students who are positive, contributing members in this class will receive:

  1. Verbal praise
  2. Written praise
  3. Positive parent contact—notes and phone calls home
  4. Leadership roles, special honors and privileges
  5. Class rewards
  6. A positive classroom environment


If your behavior prevents our class from functioning, the following order of consequences will apply:

  1. A verbal warning
  2. A five-minute conversation with me after class/school.
  3. Lunch detention
  4. Morning detention with parent notification
  5. A conference with your parents
  6. Meeting with administration


 Homework Policy


            Homework is an important part of our curriculum. The objective of homework is to strengthen skills and reinforce knowledge learned in our classroom.

            Because Language Arts includes Grammar, Vocabulary, Literature and Writing, the amount of homework and time students spend on assignments will vary. Expect Grammar, and Vocabulary homework to revolve around reinforcing workbook and practice exercises. Literature and Writing assignments are for the most part longer-term projects that might be either analytical or creative. These longer-term assignments may span weekend days, but many times you will only have Language Arts homework Monday through Thursday. All homework will be posted in our classroom and on my website. This page can be accessed through the Haworth website.

            In all Language Arts subject areas homework assignments are worth 10% of student’s grade. Regardless of the subject, completed homework will receive full credit. Any incomplete work receives an automatic 70 (C-). If a student fails to hand in homework, they will receive a 64 (F).

            Papers and projects are due no later than the end of the day on the day that they are due. Unless a student is absent for illness, in which case the assignment is due upon return, a paper handed in at any other time is a late paper. The penalty for late papers or projects is 1/2 a letter grade off per day late.

            Preferably, writings should be typed, double-spaced in 12 point type New Times Roman font, with standard margins. If Writing or Literature assignments are handwritten, blue or black ink is acceptable. You may use pencil when completing homework or daily assignments that are not being turned in (Grammar or Vocabulary) or in-class work.

            Neatness counts! Messy homework or writing will not be accepted. They will be returned to you for revision or recopying and will be treated as late papers.

            Completed assignments should be placed in your class tray (6Blue, 6Gold, 6White). Once the assignments are evaluated, they will be placed back in this tray.

            Parents are encouraged to provide instructional assistance, including: designation of a study area, adherence to specific homework time period, positive support, and supervision, as well as parent/teacher communication.

            Personal growth, mastery of English language skills, and knowledge are more important then grades. Please try to keep a clear prospective on your achievements. While we focus on academics, we will also try to evolve into confident and compassionate individuals.

            If students or parents have any questions regarding my homework policy or any of my assignments, please email Mrs. Kosakowski




Beginning Class


Entering Class:

      You are expected to be at your desk with all required materials when the bell rings. If you are not, you will be marked late. If you are late five times, you will receive lunch detention.




      No matter what is going on in class, it must be quiet for any announcements made over the public address system. Even if the announcements do not pertain directly to you, please be quiet.


 Fire Drills or Emergencies:

            If there is a fire drill or any other emergency, you are expected to comply with the school regulation. You will walk quickly and quietly out the nearest exit, stay together as class and wait for further instructions. If you are in the bathroom or anywhere else in school, then you are to exit the building immediately and find the nearest teacher or administrator.



      If you know in advance that you will be absent, talk to me about any assignments you might miss. As long as you had an excused absence, you are able to make up the work you missed while you were out for full credit. You have 3 days to make up the work, after that it is recorded as a zero.

      Absences are your responsibility. I will not remind you of the work you need to make up. You need to see me before, after class or school, or during a quiet assignment time. Do no disrupt the whole class for what you missed personally. Previously announced tests, projects and writings are due the day you return to school if you are absent on the day they were assigned to be due.


Class & Work Requirements

 Daily necessities:

      Bring all materials to class each day and be ready to work. 

      Your binder must be neat and organized as we will be taking notes and adding work regularly.


 Following Directions:

            It is the utmost importance for you to get the information you need to be able to do well and complete this course. You will need to PAY ATTENTION. I will only say things twice.


Paper Headings:

      All papers must have the following heading:


      Name:                                      Date:

      Class:                                       Subject:


Signal For Getting Your Attention:

      My hope is that our class will be a place where creativity and positive energy thrive. There will be times when I need your complete attention and cooperation. At these times, I will hold up my hand. At this point, you should immediately stop what you’re doing and put up your hand. This is your signal to come to full attention.


Signal For Getting My Attention & Moving Around The Class:

When you need my attention to ask a question, you must raise your hand. If you need to use the bathroom, please take our Hall pass and place it on your desk. Please remember that these tasks should be accomplished before or after class, so use your common sense before leaving our class. If you must leave our classroom, you’ll need to take our pass, which will be located in the front of our room. If I find that you are abusing your bathroom privileges, I will have a conversation with you. You may only leave when the pass is available.


Activities to Do When You Finish Your Work:


Bring a book to class and read silently.


If You Need Help:

Please email me if you need extra help.  We can schedule a virtual session for me to help you. 



This year is different because you will be staying in the same classroom for the entire day.  Between our double periods, you may walk around the room, but remember to keep your masks on.


Our Classroom


Keep It Clean:

      We will be spending a lot of time in our classroom. Therefore, it is necessary that we regard it with care. Starting with your locker and table, and then working outward, you will be responsible for keeping our class neat and clean. Also, if you use any of our community materials you will be expected to put them away properly. You will be asked to stay after class/school to help clean up if this is not taken seriously.


Borrowing Library Books:

In order to take a book from our library this year, you will have to first fill out a google form.  Once I receive the form, I will look for the book for you and deliver the book to you.  You will not be able to brouse the books as usual, so be sure you research your book before you choose one.


My Desk:

      My desk is strictly off limits unless I directly give you permission. Feel free to use any of the materials found at the front of the class.


Substitutes & Other Visitors:

      If I am out for the day, you are still expected to follow our class rules and procedures. You are responsible for any and all assignments. You should treat any substitute/visitor to our class with respect and afford them the same treatment you would like to receive if you were a “stranger in a strange land.”


Grading System:


  1. Writing assignments will be scored with various middle school rubrics.
  2. For all creative assignments, including oral reports, you will receive one grade for content.
  3. In each subject, grades for homework assignments, writing assignments, reading assignments, and tests and quizzes carry different weights.  They are as follows:


  Grammar & Vocabulary                    20%

  Literature:                                           35%

  Writing:                                               35%

  Homework:                                        10%


At the end of every marking period your grades are averaged together and are based on the following grading scale:


A+       98-100            B+       87-89              C+       77-79               D         65-69

A            94-97            B         84-86              C         74-76               F          0-64

A-         90-93              B-        80-83              C-        70-73