SEPAG (Special Education Parent Advisory Group)  

    According to the NJ Special Education Code, a SEPAG is an advisory partnership built between parents and educators that work together to address system-level challenges affecting students with disabilities and their families. Every school district in New Jersey is required to have a SEPAG. A SEPAG is not a parent support group but is a way for the district to gain valuable input about our special education programs from the parent perspective.  


    Our Mission: SEPAG meets throughout the year to provide a forum for parents to provide input to the district on issues concerning students with disabilities, as well as gain valuable information about a variety of topics relevant to parents and families of students with disabilities. We welcome the participation of all parents on an ongoing basis or only when a topic is of interest. 


    District Vision: To provide an equitable and inclusive learning experience for all our students.


    SEPAG District Contact information:

    Mrs. Kylie Porcelli
    Supervisor of Special Education 

     SEPAG Parent Contact information:  the district will have a parent coordinator that helps to ensure a broad inclusion of stakeholders.




    Resources to help navigate the special education process:

    What is an IEP?

    General Resources for Families:

    Bergen Resource Net