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Ms. Bagot

Welcome to the Haworth Public School Art Studio!

We have an exciting year planned with lots creative opportunities!

OCEANIA is this year’s theme. You will explore the Art, Culture, Countries, Islands and Wildlife of Oceania.   We will study and create a variety of Art from OCEANIA such as: Aboriginal Dream Painting, Animals of Australia, New Zealand & the Great Barrier Reef, Hawaiian Quilt Design and much more.

OCEANIA is one of the most diverse and fascinating areas on the planet. OCEANIA includes all of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, as well as the thousands of coral atolls and volcanic islands of the South Pacific Ocean, including the Melanesia and Polynesia groups. OCEANIA also includes Hawaii and Micronesia, a widely scattered group of islands that run along the northern and southern edges of the Equator. Additionally we will study neighboring Pacific Ocean islands, including the Philippines.

Polynesia contains numerous island groups, including all of French Polynesia and the Australia, Gambier, Marquesas, Society and Tuamoto islands. In addition, the Cook Islands, Easter Island, Niue, the Pitcairn Islands, Tuvalu, and Wallis and Futuna. Melanesia includes the independent countries of Fiji and Vanuatu, as well as the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia. Micronesia islands are all part of the same volcanic zone, and include the Marshall Islands, the nations of Micronesia (FSM), Palau, Kiribati and Nauru. In addition, it includes Guam, Saipan, the Northern Mariana Islands, as well as Wake Island.

Our first project this year will be to learn about the Aloha Spirit of Hawaii, creating art to celebrate Haworth Public School.

I am looking forward to a very creative year in Art as we explore the world and an amazing Art Show in the Spring!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached at

Art Club: Tuesdays & Wednesdays at Recess. 5th to 8th Grade Students.