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Welcome to the Haworth Public School Art Studio!

Virtual ART Show Videos:

A Year of Haworth Art 2019.20

 Nature Sculptures Mini Art Show 

 Spring Has Sprung Mini Art Show

Virtual Mini Art Show

 The WILD WORLD OF AFRICAN ART is this year’s theme. Students will explore the Art, Ancient Antiquities, Culture, Food, Countries, Islands and Wildlife of Africa.   We will also study Africa American Art during Black History Month. Prepare to be enthralled by the Nile River; the Sahara Desert; Victoria Falls; African artist Tinga Tinga, who inspired the program Tinga Tales; the Pyramids of Egypt; the markets of Morocco; the animals of Kenya and Madagascar.  I am looking forward to a very creative year in Art and the Art Show in the Spring!

Virtual Assignments: All virtual Assignmets for K-2 are on SeeSaw. All virtual Art Assignments for 3-8 are on Google Classroom. 

Virtual Art Club:  Virtual Art Club is available to all students K-8.

-Welcome to Virtual Art Club! Art Club is going to focus on fun and relaxing Zentangle Drawing. Zentangle drawing is very easy and is a type of doodling.

-Each week I will be putting a new video with another Zentangle technique. Zentangle works best with sharpie, skinny markers, pencil or colored pencil. When you draw your Zentangles, try to fill up your page. To make it a smaller project, cut or fold your paper in half. When you are done with your Zentangle drawing, you can use it to create something new. Have lots of fun creating your Zentangle Drawings.

-Please email me a photo at so I can see the awesome work you create. K-2nd grade may use SeeSaw to show me their Zentangle Drawings.

Zentanagle Drawing & Doodling

Zentangle Drawing #1

 History of Zentangle Website & Video

Zentangle Drawing #2

Zentangle Drawing #3

Zentangle Drawing #4

Zentangle Drawing #5

Zentangle Drawing #6

Zentangle Drawing #7

 Zentangle Drawing #8

Zentangle Drawing #9

Zentangle Drawing #10

Bonus Eath Day Pop-Up Card Video

Earth Day Pop-Up Video

Bonus Cartooning:

Cartooning: Learn How to Draw with Gary Harbo

Doodle Draw Art: How to Draw Easy Cartoon Faces

-Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached at