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    Welcome to Haworth Public School's Curriculum Page


    This page is designed to serve as both an interface between the School's curriculuar programming and the community, as well as a portal for Haworth teachers to access pertinent resources. (A userame and password is required to view the Teacher's section of the site.) On this page, all viewers can access the Northern Valley Consortium's Essential Learning Documents and site, as well as a quarterly article of interest. Northern valley Curriculum Guides are available upon request.


    If you are not a member of the Haworth School faculty but are interested in viewing the section for teachers, please contact Daniel O'Keefe at okeefed@nvnet.org.






    Essential Learning Guides, Grades K-8


    Northern Valley Curriculum Center (NVCC) Site







    Our (Bare) Shelves Our Selves



    In this New York Times article from December, the author shares an interesting study that reveals how valuable it can be for our students and children to have actual print materials, even as we strive for the latest and greatest technology. The kinds of thinking that takes place and develops as a result of interacting with the PRINTED page can have just as many positives as interacting with the screen!...