Who is Mr. Lane?

  • Dear Class:


    If I didn't get to meet you last year - now is my chance!  Here is a brief introduction to who I am.   


    Believe it or not, after college I began working at desk job for a business in Chicago, IL.  However, after coaching a basketball team after work, I quickly discovered the joy of teaching.  Before last year at Haworth, I taught fifth grade at another public school in northern New Jersey and prior to that I taught middle school mathematics and computers in a private school.  I am able to teach elementary school, middle school mathematics, and middle school social studies.


    I love the hard work, fun, and challenge of teaching. I love developing a classroom relationship and getting to know my students.  I am eager to start building lasting relationships with my new class and teach you amazing things.  I love my family, sports, the outdoors, reading, music, and my job.


    This summer we fixed up our house and spent time at the beach with friends and family.  I can't wait to tell you all about it!