• Week of January 13th-17th

    Vocab- unit 4 test Tuesday

    Reading- 2 Newsela articles on nonfiction topic (quiz and write) due Friday

    Writing- choice argument essay due next Friday 1/24


    Week of January 6th-10th

    Vocab- unit 4 choosing the right word, synonyms, and antonyms due Tuesday

    completing the sentence and vocab. in context due Thursday

    Monday- complete 2 pieces of research for nonfiction topic

    Tuesday- complete 1 piece of research for nonfiction topic

    Writing- continue working on argument essay final is due Friday end of class


    Week of November 11-15

    Vocabulary- choosing the right word, synonyms and antonyms due Wed.

    completing the sentences, vocabulary in context due Fri.

    Grammar- quiz Friday

    Reading- continue reading book club book with post-its 


    Week of October 28th- November 1st

    One pager due Friday

    Continue reading book club book- each night up to the next post-it with thinking work

    Realistic fiction draft due Wed.

    Extra credit due Friday


    Week of October 21st-25th

    Independent reading

    Vocabulary- completing the sentence and context in language due tomorrow; unit 1 test Friday

    Storyboard due Wednesday

    Monday- finish short story #1


    Week of October 14th-18th

    Outsiders test tomorrow 

    Notebook check Wednesday

    (all directions, review sheet, and rubric are on Classroom)

    Wednesday- Read independent book and vocabulary (choosing the right word, synonyms, and antonyms) are due Friday 


    Week of October 7th-11th

    Monday- finish reading chapters 11 and 12

    Theme thinking work

    Johnny debate due tomorrow

    Rest of week- continue working on thinking work and study for Outsiders test


    Week of October 2nd-4th

    Wednesday- finish reading chapters 7 and 8; start thinking work on setting

    Johnny debate due Tuesday 10/8

    Thursday- finish reading chapters 9 and 10; continue thinking work 


    Week of September 23rd-27th

    Monday: White- finish chapter 4 and thinking work

    Gold and blue- finish chapter 5 and thinking work

    Tuesday- finish reading chapter 6

    Wednesday- be sure chapters 1-6 is complete for quiz Friday

    5 pages of thinking work started by Friday


    Week of September 16th-20th

    Monday- finish chapter 1 and add to character and Greaser/Soc chart

    Tuesday- finish chapter 2 and add to character and Greaser/Soc chart

    Wednesday- finish chapter 3 by Thursday 

    Complete chart with 10 pieces of evidence and annotations from chapters 1-3 due Friday


    Week of September 9-13th

    Pennants due Thursday

    All forms- library, email update and syllabus due Friday


    Week of September 2nd-6th

    Summer reading is due Friday Sept. 6th