• Week of January 7th-11th

    Unit 4 vocabulary test Wednesday

    One pager for nonfiction book due Thursday

    Read social issue book

    *Continue to brin in gallon size baggies


    Week of January 2nd-4th

    Continue reading nonfiction book- due Monday

    *Bring in gallon size baggies


    Week of December 10th-14th

    Monday- grammar workbook page 196 due Wed.

    Additional practice for test- workbook pages 197-199 (answers on Google Classroom)

    Grammar test Thursday (Blue Friday)

    Nonfiction reading project due Friday (everything needed is on Google Classroom)


    Week of December 3rd-7th

    Theme work due Friday (all information on Google Classroom)

    Grammar usage lessons 3 and 4 quiz Wednesday

    Optional practice for quiz workbook page 195

    Argument essay draft due Friday


    Week of November 26th-30th

    Newsela articles due Friday: Outer Space max and Postcards max-- Quiz, Power Words and Write section 

    Continue reading independent book

    Continue research for nonfiction topic (10 sources with thinking work by Friday)

    Tuesday- grammar workbook pages 193 and 194 due Thursday


    Week of November 19th-21st

    Unit 3 Vocabulary test tomorrow

    Independent book summary due Wednesday (all information on Google Classroom)



    Week of November 12th-16th

    Newsela articles: Wildfires 1060L and Dream jobs Max-- Quiz, Power words and Write

    Continue reading independent book

    Wednesday- vocabulary worksheet due Friday

    Unit 3 vocabulary test- Tuesday 11/20


    Week of October 29th- November 2nd

    The Outsiders test tomorrow!!

    Reading notebook check Monday 11/5

    Extra credit due Monday 11/5: Vocab. pages 42-49- Worth 7 points and all pages must be complete


    Week of October 22nd-26th

    Realistic fiction story due Wed. 10/24

    Vocabulary- Unit 2 test Wed. 10/24

    Monday- finish reading chapters 7 and 8; chapter 7 questions

    Tuesday- finish reading chapters 9 and 10

    Wednesday- finish reading 11 and 12

    Thursday- work on review sheet for test

    The Outsiders test Tuesday 10/30


    Week of October 15th-19th

    Newsela articles due Friday: Trick or Treat- Max and Pumpkins 1020L

    *Quiz, power words and write sections

    Monday- vocabulary worksheet due Wed.


    Week of October 8th-12th

    Newseala articles due Friday: Lego wheelchair Max and Plastic 1040L

    *Quiz, power words and write sections

    Realistic Fiction draft due Thursday

    Johnny debate due Wed.

    Grammar lessons 1 & 2 quiz Friday


    Week of October 1st-5th

    Week of Respect

    Reading Response due Friday

    Tuesday- grammar page 192 due Thurs.


    Week of Sept. 24th-28th

    Unit 1 Vocab. test Wed.

    Reading response due Friday

    Monday- finish reading chapter 2


    Week of Sept. 17th-21st

    Unit 1 vocabulary worksheet due Thursday

    Reading response due Friday


    *Don't forget about the laptop packet and check

    *Day of Gold tomorrow- $3

    *Back to School Night 9/20


    Week of Sept. 12th-14th

    Syllabus due Thursday

    Banner due Friday

    E-mail update and library permission slip due Friday


    *Dont' forget to bring in emergency forms and first day packet*


    Welcome Back to School!!

     Summer reading is due Friday, September 7th