• ELL Program Q & A for Parents
    1. What do ELL students learn in ELL class?
       English learners have daily instruction in the development of reading, speaking, writing and listening. They learn vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar and          writing skills. 
    2. Will homework be assigned?
       Homework will be assigned at various times depending on the content that is being taught. Each students will have a HW folder that will be sent home. 
    3. How many period of ELL instruction will students have each day?
        Students will receive one period of instruction each day which may be either a pull-out or push in situation. The ELL teacher and homeroom teacher will work                closely to give the students the best instruction that fits into the daily schedule. 
    4. What will students be learning?
       ELL teachers follow the Common Core curriculum but use materials that will help the student better understand the material. There are units of study and themes             taught each month, as well as seasonal topics. 
    5.  How long will ELL students be in the program?
       Students are expected to achieve one proficiency level per year (levels 1-6). Typical achievement is within three years, but each student learns at his/her own rate.