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What does a School Counselor do?


School counselors wear many hats to help students reach their best personal, emotional, social, academic, and career potential. Below is a general overview of the foundation of a comprehensive School Counseling program.


Individual counseling: Individual counseling is mainly a responsive service where Mrs. Lang meets with students individually, as needed. Individual counseling is brief and solution-based in nature. The goal is to provide the necessary support and tools for students to enhance their skills to work through situations independently. Many times, students will need help more than once and Mrs. Lang is happy to provide the necessary guidance. Mrs. Lang likes to think of herself as a crutch, helping to give students support to walk through their concerns until they are able to navigate on their own. If your child comes home and tells you that they met with Mrs. Lang, please do not be worried! You will be contacted if your child seeks Mrs. Lang's support for a serious matter.


Group counseling: Small group counseling is a responsive service that provides a supportive environment for students with shared needs. These groups may include topics such as: social skills, friendship, anger, divorce, to name a few examples. Small groups typically run for about 5-6 weeks and usually meet once a week for about 20-30 minutes.


Classroom lessons are focused on topics such as: social/emotional learning, character education, academic support, and college/career readiness. Character education topics may include: respect, responsibility, conflict resolution, peer pressure, friendship, making good choices, kindness, etc. All lessons are tailored to the age group to ensure that they are developmentally appropriate and relevant. 


Crisis response: Mrs. Lang supports students who are experiencing troubles due to suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, abuse, neglect, death, eating disorders, bullying, etc. She follows the school's policy in handling crisis situations.


504: Mrs. Lang is the 504 Coordinator and works with a team of educators, your child's teacher, and parents to formulate and modify 504 plans.


I&RS: Mrs. Lang serves as a member of the Intervention and Referall Services team. I&RS is a team of educators who help teachers with additional strategies and support in the classroom to help meet student needs.


**All information is kept confidential unless the student is suicidal, homicidal, or experiencing abuse or neglect. In these situations, Mrs. Lang reports and shares information with the appropriate stakeholders to keep the student safe and to make a plan to get the student the help that he or she needs.**