Monday-Reading- 15 minutes and fill in log sheet

                  Math- 1/7 Go Math Worksheet Lesson 5.4

                  Spelling- Say and Sort


    Tuesday- Reading- 15 minutes and fill out reading log.

                    Math- 1/8 Go Math Worksheet Lesson 5.5

                    Spelling-Blind Sort



    Wednesday-Reading-15 minutes and fill out reading log

                     Math-1/9 Go Math Worksheet 5.6

                     Spelling- 5 Good Sentences


    Thursday-Reading-15 minutes and fill out reading log

                   Math- 1/10-IXL Math  Gr. 2 H.6, H.9, H.10, or H.12

                   Spelling-Written Sort


    Friday-No Homework-Enjoy the weekend!


    Please note a spelling list is given each week.  Students will complete these spelling activities with the new sort they are given each week,  unless it is a review week.