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    In September, all Library students collaboratively brainstormed a list of Library Rules for the school to follow.  They came up with a lot of fantastic rules, but to keep from listing over 50 rules, below you will find the rules that generally every class agreed upon.

    Elementary Library Expectations:


    1. We always pay attention and do our best work.


    2. We keep our library neat and clean.


    3. We show respect to each other and the materials within the library.


    4. Speak quietly so you don't disturb nearby students.


    5. Return books on time.



    Middle School Library Expectations:


    1. Follow directions and stay on-task.


    2. Respect yourself, your classmates, and your teacher.


    3. Show respect to the nearby classes, use quiet voices.


    4. Show care when using all library resources.


    5. Pick up after yourself (push in chairs, return borrowed supplies, leave computer stations the way you found them, throw trash in garbage cans).


    6. Use check-out time well (either browse and check out, or read).


    7. Return books on time (bring them in to renew if necessary).  


    8. Food, gum or beverages of any kind can damage materials and furnishings and may not be brought into the library.


    9. Computers are for book searching, class work, and homework only.


    10. Follow all school rules within the library.