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    Continue the Hour of Code project from class:  Make a Maze 

    Kodable: Class Code Haworth1

    Spelling City   SpellingCity: Play games that are linked directly to our weekly word study words. 

    Teacher: 1CHaworth

    Password: Each student has his/her own password

    Starfall  Great website to practice reading and phonics skills
    ABCYA    Letter, sight word, typing, and spelling games
     SToryline ONline Listen to a famous actor read a story! 
    Education.com Awesome games to support phonics development 
    IXL IXL 
    XTRAMATH   XTRA Math is an excellent website to practice individual math facts. Students have their own pin to sign in. 
     MAth ABC  Great selection of Math Skill Practice Online-will check each problem as you go
     Education.com Math Many fun math games that support 1st grade math learning
     Think Central Go Math  Videos and Online Student Resources connected with Go Math books used in the classroom.  (More info to come on individual student log-in).
     ABCya Math Great section on Numbers-fun games to review number concepts practiced in 1st grade 
     Social Studies    
    First Thanksgiving
     Compare and Contrast the Pilgrims with the Wampanoag Native Americans 
     Scholastic News
     Scholastic News 
    Student Login:
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    Shadows -Move the light source to change the size of the shadows.
    Mirrors & Reflection- Move the mirrors to bend the light beams
    Earth Seasons