Guernica Painting
    Class Expectations:

    • Students will communicate in Spanish as much as possible with the teacher and the other students.
    • Students will arrive on time, ready to work.
    • Students will follow all rules set forth by the school and by the teacher.
    • Students will be respectful towards their classmates and the teacher.

    Materials needed:

    1. Laptop, charged and ready with the following folder setup either on the desktop or on Google Drive
      1. A main folder called Spanish with 3 subfolders of Hagan Ahora, Class Notes and Homework
    2. If not taking notes on the computer, a 3 ring binder or 3 subject notebook with the same subsections as above
    3. Pen/Pencil

    Grading Policy:

    • Students are graded on a point system.  They receive an amount of points for each assignment.  The point value is determined by the rigor of the assignment.  Each quarter the grade is determined by taking all points achieved and dividing by points possible.

    **NOTE - If students are absent, they are responsible for getting the work and completing it within a time frame equal to the time frame they were absent.  If students are absent from class due to band, choir or other school related activity, they must hand the missing work in the same day or it will be MARKED AS A ZERO!!


    • Homework is given on a daily basis.  Homework is an essential part of the grade as it gives students practice with the concepts.  Not completing homework will result in a lower grade.
    • This website is kept up to date with the current assignments that are due.

    Extra Help:

    • I encourage all the students to seek extra help when necessary.  I am available for extra help after school in Room 24.


    Image Credit: http://3rdeyesociety.org Retrieved 7/11/14