Attendance Information:


    Parents/Guardians MUST CALL in daily for absences or late arrivals. A written note from parent/guardian is also required on return to school. You may email to inform of an absence, or send a written note in advance, to your child's homeroom teacher.


    If you choose to email, send to: polifroni@nvnet.org  AND to the Main Office at: oddo@nvnet.org.  


    *Please note:  We are not permitted to accept "verbal information" from a student (regarding vacations/absences). The parent/guardian must provide this information in writing to the school.


    Please click HERE for Mrs. Polifroni's Guidelines on when to keep your child home.



    medication in school

    Forms for medication administration are available on under the "Important Health Forms" tab.


    As always, any medication administered at school will only be given with written physician's order and parent permission, which will remain in effect for the entire school year. 


    No medication will be allowed to be given without an MD order and parent permission....that includes EPI- PENS, Tylenol, Advil, and even throat lozenges.


    All medication must be provided in the pharmacy-labeled container with the student's name on it.


    Permission forms expire at the end of each school year and all medication must be taken home by parents on the final day of school in June.  If it is not picked up, it will be discarded. Please see the nurse to obtain your child's medication.

    Nutritional Guidelines:


    Please click HERE for Mrs. Polifroni's Nutritional Guidelines.