KT Superheroes

Mrs. Talty's Kindergarten Class

  • Welcome to KT! 
    I am excited about the journey we will be taking together this year. We will be forming friendships, learning many skills, and exploring new horizons through meaningful activities. My goal is for the children of our classroom to develop an enthusiasm for learning that will serve as the foundation for the rest of their academic career. 

    *Please use this website as a springboard for conversation
    about your child's school day. 

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    Need to contact Mrs. Talty?  

    Email is the most efficient and reliable way to reach me.


    Please allow 24 hours for a response.

    **If your child needs extra help with any topics, please reach out. I am available most mornings from 8:05-8:25 and Tuesday after school from 3:05-3:30.**