• Dear Haworth Families,

    As we begin the 2023-24 school year, Haworth Public School is in the process of scheduling all of our state, Northern Valley, and district assessments.  At each grade level, we use a variety of assessments to check for understanding, differentiate instruction, and measure the progress of our students.  Diagnostic data from these assessments also offers important insight for placement in programs and the need for instructional intervention. 

    For your reference, this linked chart outlines each standardized assessment, the time of year that it is administered, and the reason for each assessment.  Students are prepared through the normal learning within the curriculum to take these assessments and require no additional preparation.  

    In addition to the linked assessment descriptions used for each grade level, we also employ several other diagnostic assessments for special populations.  

    • Special Education:  specific assessments depending on the unique needs of the child. 
    • English Language Learners (ELL): WIDA to measure English language fluency growth.
    • G&T selection: G&T selection: multiple measures including referrals, standardized testing, and additional selection tests such as the SAGES, CoGAT, and DAS tests.  

    You will receive information and results from many of the above assessments throughout the year.  Should you have any questions or wish to learn more about our assessments, please feel free to reach out to the administrative team.