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    What is Google Classroom?

    Google Classroom is a FREE tool offered through the Google Education Suite.  Teachers from grades 5-8 are using Google Classroom to organize all of their assignments, quizzes, and communication with students.


    How do I see what is on the Google Classroom page?

    Google Classroom is only open to the teachers and students on the page.  This protects the privacy of other students int he class.  However, parents or guardians have access to see what has been assigned or completed by their student through Guardian Email. 


    I don't like that I can't see the classroom assignments or announcements, can we change this setting?

    No, we do not have the ability to change the settings to allow parent access.  Google created Guardian Emails to start a conversation between the parent/guardian and the student.


    I don't have a Guardian Email account how do I get one?

    Email your child's teacher and ask them to add you as a guardian.  Once the teacher confirms with you that you have been added, check your email for the Google welcome email.  From here, you can adjust your settings to receive an update daily or weekly.


    I set up my Guardian Email account for updates but I want to change them.  How do I do this?

    Watch the Guardian Email video overview and follow the steps for changing your settings.


    I set up my Guardian Email account, but I am not receiving emails at all.

    Contact your child's teacher and ask them to delete you as a guardian and add you again.  Check your email for the welcome email.


    Do I need a Google Email account to receive a Guardian Email?

    No, you do not need a Google Email account, any email account will work. 

    Note-Only Google accounts can change the settings/frequency for Guardian Emails.  This is a Google setting and Haworth cannot change this setting.




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