• FAQ's


    1. Can a student elect to not take part in this initiative?

    Consistent with other districts that have gone in this direction, it should be understood that all students will need a laptop in order to participate in school. So, there is no “opt-out” option.


    2. What is the bottom line total price (including all accessories) for a district-issued laptop?

    The annual maintenance/insurance fee for a district-issued laptop is $80. A protective case is available through the school for $45. The total out-of-pocket price is $125. A stereo headset can be purchased from various stores for as little as $1 (high-end headsets are not necessary).


    3. Why is there a $45. case charge?

    The case is purchased for the laptop and will continue with the student throughout the 1:1 laptop grades (grade 5-8). The case is purchased and owned by the student. When the case is no longer protecting the computer, a replacement case may be purchased through Haworth Board of Education for $45.00 or though vendors such as Apple and Amazon. Haworth Board of Education uses STM Rubberized cases to best protection.


    4. If I have multiple students in the school, is there a discount on the maintenance fees?

    No. The maintenance/insurance fee is the same regardless of the number of students in the family.


    5. Will the $80  be returned after the student returns a district-issued laptop?

    No. This is a fee for maintenance/insurance for the year as opposed to a deposit.


    6. What does the maintenance/insurance fee cover?

    The maintenance/insurance fee covers the physical device. This includes:

    • Accidental Damage (drops, cracks, liquid spillage, etc...)
    • Liquid Submersion
    • Fire/Flood
    • Vandalism
    • Natural Disasters
    • Theft from a secured location (Police Report Required).


    7. What are the maintenance/insurance fee exclusions?

    The maintenance fee does not cover:

    • Power cord or parts of the power cord
    • Intentional or dishonest acts of vandalism
    • Theft from an unsecured location
    • School approved case


    8. What is required to be assigned a School Assigned Device?

    Students will receive their laptop with:

    • A signed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
    • Student Computer Pledge
    • Paid maintenance fees
    • Paid case or case present at pick up (may be purchased from Haworth - STM Rubberized Case)


    9. What are the student's expectations?

    Students are expected to:

    • Adhere to the district's Acceptable Use Policy
    • Maintain the laptop in a rubberized protective case at all times
    • Secure and lock when not in use
    • Charge and be ready for class each day
    • Maintain appropriate home use
    • Adhere to all rules


    10. Are students required to supply their own case for the School Assigned Device?

    Yes. Students are required to supply a protective case meeting the insurance guidelines. The case should be a protective case and rubberized. A case may be purchased from Haworth for $45. Haworth uses STM Rubberized cases for laptop protection. These cases are also available at Apple and Amazon.


    11. What happens when there is no case on the computer?

    A rubberized case is required on the computer at all times. In the event that the laptop has no case and incurs damage, the laptop will not be cover through the insurance policy. The replacement cost of the laptop, should it be unsecured and damaged is $1000.00. Additionally, a student that does not have a case on the laptop while in school will lose the laptop privilege until a case is brought in. 


    12. Who are checks made payable to?

    Please make checks payable to Haworth Board of Education. A separate check is required for the insurance and for the case if you purchase it from Haworth.