• Community Service Information 2019-2020


    Welcome Class of 2020! Below you will find information you need to know about Community Service!


    As part of your graduation requirements, you must complete a minimum

    of 10 hours of Community Service throughout the school year.

    • The hours must be completely voluntary, meaning that you can not accept money or any other form of payment for your time.
    • All hours must be completed by May 29th, 2020.
    • You must read, sign, and have a parent/guardian sign the Community Service Agreement Form and return it to Ms. Schmaler no later than Friday, October 2nd, 2019.
    • All Community Service hours must be logged on a Community Service Slip (Community Service Slip)
    • (Hard copies of the Agreement and Slips will be given to you in person and provided for you in your Google Drive.)
    • Throughout the year Community Service Opportunities will be shared with you and your parents/guardians via email.