Our Classroom Procedures



    1. Beginning Class: Every day when you enter our room, you are expected to enter quietly, take your seat. Next, there will always be a Do Now on the board that you will complete in your composition notebook. **You are not to take out your laptop until told to do so!** Once you have finished this, wait quietly for class to begin!



    2. Late/Tardy?: Any student who is not in the classroom when the bell rings will be considered tardy. If you are late, give me your pass and please go directly to your seat and begin working.



    3. Homework: If there was homework, turn it in to the proper bin.



    4. Missing Work: You are expected turn in all missing assignments. If you are missing one, it is YOUR job to come see me. I will not chase you down for missing work, if you take initiative and make up the work, you will receive partial credit.



    5. Absent?: If you were absent, be sure to check the Absent Station before class begins. If nothing is there, this means the work was completed online so, ask your group for assistance, then you may ask me for assistance. 



    6. Leaving the Classroom: You are expected to use the restroom during hall time and lunch, however if it is an emergency you may ask to leave. If permitted, you will sign out, and return without disrupting the class.



    7. End of class: Make sure desks are moved back to the correct positions, chairs are pushed in, and all materials returned to the correct location.



    9. Discipline: Not following the class or school rules will result in a consequence as laid out by our discipline plan. You are expected to fill out and turn into me a Reflection Card if any rule has been broken.



    This information is here to help you understand what it takes to be successful in this class. I know each and every one of you have the ability to excel in my class, and I will always do my best to help you in any way possible. However, this means you also need to be doing YOUR very best to stay on track, follow the rules, and to always do your best work. If we work together and make this classroom one of high expectations, and respect, we will have an AWESOME year. Please feel free to come to me with any questions or concerns about the upcoming year, I can’t wait to begin!