Expected Behavior 



    As members of this class, and of this school, you are ALWAYS expected to be respectful and kind to those around you, to put forward your personal best every day.

    Always Be Prepared to Learn: Each class I expect you to come prepared with the necessary materials and mentally ready to learn.

    Remember the 6 P’s! Your conduct and effort grade depends on these!

    **Every day you will need: your binder, laptop, and a writing utensil. Your composition notebook will remain in the classroom.



    Class Rules



    Ms. B's 6 P's

    Are you...









    Your conduct and effort grade will depend on these 6 P's. I expect all students to follow and respect our class rules. By doing so we will definitely have an AWESOME year!



    If your behavior causes a disruption to our class and our learning experience the following consequences will occur:

    1. Verbal warning

    2. After class OR hallway conference

    3. Reflection card/After school quick conference

    4. Call home

    5. Lunch detention

    6. Meeting with administration